Q+A Tuesday: Protein Sources for Toddler Smoothies

Happy Q+A Tuesday! With so many of my friends making darling rosy-cheeked babies these days, a question about what to feed them was bound to arrive.

Q: “Lee-Ann, my little guy loves smoothies right now and not much else… Is there like a protein powder that I could add to it that you know is safe for an 18 month old?” —Elyse R. in Sudbury

A: Infant and toddler nutrition should be very simple and basic. To satisfy protein requirements via smoothies for an 18-month-old, I’d recommend adding a tablespoon of very finely ground chia or flax powder (ground instead of whole to prevent choking hazard), a whole egg, or goat’s milk yogurt. If the toddler eats an adequate amount of whole grains (oats and rice), they’ll be consuming plant-based protein from those food sources as well. At 18 months, they should be consuming 1.2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. And when trying to balance the child’s diet, aim for balance through a variety of whole foods over days rather than at each meal. Those little guys will eat what they need.

Thank you for participating in Q+A Tuesday! Remember to keep sending in your questions! See you next week!

Much love and wellness,



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