Make Healthy Eating Easier! 5 ways organic grocery delivery can support your health goals.

If you love food and want to eat better but you less than love fighting your way through grocery aisles and checkouts, perhaps organic groceries delivered to a central community location or your home or office door is the solution for you.

1. Convenient

For me, the convenience factor is highly underrated and understated. So let me state it. I am exactly that person described in the opening paragraph. Fortunately, here in Vancouver, we have an exceptional delivery service program called SPUD. All of the fresh produce, grass-fed/pastured meats, dry goods, health food products, and household products a clean food lover and busy grocery store hater could ever dream of. And they’re (mostly) all organic. Wanna save some money while you’re at it? If you check out SPUD’s website, have the service available in your area, and like what you see, please use my referral code CRVAN-CARLEE to score $20 off your first order of $50 or more! Plus save yourself the time and the gas/footsteps/fancy bike maneuvers and do something else with those newly earned time and resource savings. Like learning to play the accordion. Or calling your mom.

2. Organic

Some grocery services offer strictly local organic produce, which is super fresh and sustainable during the growing season in a given area. And some grocery services offer more variety and consistency by expanding the geographical area of their produce suppliers to provide greater options all year round. Either way, in both of these organic scenarios, you’re getting clean food and avoiding some serious pesticide residues when you choose organic foods. And just like any consumer has the power to vote with their wallet and send an important message when they purchase things, buying organic food sends a strong message to the food industry that clean food is in demand.

3. Seasonal

When you’re short on time to plan, preset boxes are easy on the weeks that don’t have enough hours. Many organic food delivery services have pre-determined boxes for the week, based on the season and availability of foods. And many services will let you know in advance what you’ll be receiving so that you can go on planning the rest of your grocery needs for the week. Eating seasonally helps to ensure you get the freshest local foods that are designed by nature to be best suited for our bodies at different times of the year.

4. It’s a food adventure

There were times when I subscribed to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) delivery program and the boxes were a surprise every week. This is a great adventure if you are an open-minded food enthusiast. I learned a lot about different healthy foods that I had never seen or heard of before, such as garlic scapes, different root vegetables, and different types of leafy greens. Many great delivery services will also include a bit of literature or recipes in the boxes that contain veggies that are not-so-common and may be new to some folks. If they don’t, ask! They may have a real gem of a recipe for you to try. Or ask our dear friend google (link to google).


(These are garlic scapes. They’re the tops of the garlic plant and taste just like garlic. They make an excellent pesto or substitute to any recipe calling for garlic.)

5. Local

We’ve already gone over the benefits of eating locally and seasonally. Shopping locally can be of equal economic importance to our farmers and retail businesses close-by. Without our dollars, they fail. Supporting local farmers can greatly reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that we have clean, fresh, healthy food nearby. Access to good food is a sure sign of a community’s success.

Hope y’all will take a second to find an organic grocery delivery service in your area and consider all of its benefits! And remember, if you are interested in signing up with SPUD, save on your first order by using my referral code CRVAN-CARLEE!

Thanks for stopping by and happy clean eating!


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