Rates + Services

Kitchen Clean-Out

Looking to start fresh? Let’s start in your kitchen! Throw open your cupboards and refrigerator door. This session is designed to help you better understand the labels and ingredients for the foods you commonly eat. It’s your opportunity to ask nitty-gritty food-specific questions to help you transition to cleaner eating. We’ll toss anything you no longer want and I will recommend healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense alternatives. Clean kitchen, clean diet.

$50/hour – Click to set up your appointment


Grocery Store Tour

Do you feel overwhelmed by choices when grocery shopping? You don’t have to go it alone. Together, we’ll figure out a personalized grocery basket plan that will work for your needs and your lifestyle at a store or market of your choice. Enhance your clean eating transition by combining with the Kitchen Clean-Out.

$50/hour – Click to set up your appointment


Kitchen + Grocery – Ultimate Clean Eating Incentive

Just going for it like a champ? A great deal for the fully committed. One hour Kitchen Clean-Out and one hour Grocery Store Tour.

$75 for the package – Click to set up your appointment


Nutritional Consulting

Discover the foods and natural supplements best suited to your body’s unique needs. Learn the language of the body and experience the benefits of clean eating through a personalized nutritional wellness plan. This is my ultimate specialty and I look so forward to helping you get started on your path to better health! Services are mobile for those in the Vancouver area so that I can come to you in the comfort of your home or office. For those outside of Vancouver, we can enjoy our visits from anywhere via Skype/FaceTime (thank you, technology!).

I’d love to share more details with you! – Please contact me for more information


Send any questions to leeann@leeanncarriere.com for a speedy response.

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